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Tea Tourism in Assam

In the early 19th century The East India Company started tea plantations in Assam using wild Chai plants found growing in the area and later introduced it in the Darjeeling area in the northeast and the Nilgiri in the South. Today there are many varieties of tea, which grow at much lower altitudes. India is the largest producer of tea in the world. Assam grows over half and Darjeeling about a quarter of the nation's output. Once drunk by tribal people, tea is now India's national drink and its taste developing around the globe. The Happy Valley Tea Estate claims to use the old orthodox method of tea production. Fresh leaves are dried by fans on withering troughs to reduce the moisture content and then rolled and pressed to express the juices, which coat the leaves. These are left to ferment in a controlled humid environment in order to produce the desired aroma. Finally the leaves are dried by passing them through a heated drying chamber and then graded - the unbroken being the best quality down to the fannings and dust.

So when you are in Darjeeling, make sure that you visit Happy Valley Tea Estate.

Also,  you can visit the Tukvar Valley  Tea Estate near Darjeeling in the Rangeet valley.

An excursion tour to the Makaibari and Ambhootia Tea Estate Ex-Darjeeling or  on the way to Darjeeling is possible. Both gardens produce some of the finest quality of bio organic tea. The fabulous locations of the tea gardens are also worth visiting.  You can also visit the factories of this gardens

Also the new concept of Tea Tourism has emerged in the Darjeeling ,Dooars ,Assam region.

The initiative came into full activation about five years back, during this period  twenty three tea gardens and estates  got convinced to start with tourism. Our company made a thorough survey and has also provided the management an insight of the advantages of tea tourism. Some of the plantations have also opted for the marketing of the tourism product through the East Wind network.

Today there are different products which a traveller can avail of among the gardens using their expertise to establish Tea Tourism product. Seinthal Tea Estate, Damdim Tea Estate, Glen Burn Tea Estate in Darjeeling Hills and Dooars Area .In Assam we offer Koliabor Manor,  a heritage bunglow, ,amidst tea plantation, near the world famous Kaziranga National Park  and also explicit Heritage Bunglows of Jorhat.

Tea Tourism in Darjeeling