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    The Land which is adorned with the majestic flows of rivers

    The independent nation of Bangladesh emerged after achieving freedom from the rule of Pakistan in 1971. The history of this country takes us to the Copper Age when India and Bangladesh shared the same piece of land without the obstruction of any border. The country has a past which is loosely related to the history of East Bengal in India. The borders that modern Bangladesh shares with India were constructed during the period of partition of Bengal and India in the year 1947 when it went under the control of Pakistan.


    98% of its population is Bengali.


    The country is situated on the delta of flowing rivers originating from the frozen range of Himalayas.


    Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by seasonal rainfall, high temperature and humidity.


    89.7% Islam, 9.2% Hinduism and 0.7% Buddhists


    The culinary diet prevalent in Bangladesh encompass fish, beef, chicken and rice. There lies a great similarity between the tastes of Bangladesh and East Bengal in India.


    Festivals from Eid-ul-Fitr to Durga Puja and Buddha Purnima, have always played a significant role in the life of Bangladeshis.

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