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    The Land that speaks of peace and sacredness

    Bhutan’s early history is soaked in mythology and remains unclear. As per the archeological reports, the country was ruled by a Cooch-Behar king Sangaldip during the 7th century B.C. It stood as a shelter for many monks who escaped from Tibet during a turmoil. Due to this reason, Tibetan Buddhism was introduced at Bhutan in the 9th century. One of the most interesting facts about this country is that it was never conquered by any foreign country; it remained independent throughout its history. From the time its history was clear, it has continuously and successfully defended its sovereignty.


    According to the latest reports, Bhutan’s population is approximately 600,000.


    Being nestled in the folds of Himalaya, Bhutan’s geographical features has kept it isolated from the influence of other cultures. It boasts of a precipitous terrain.


    Climate of Bhutan is hot and humid throughout the year. Temperature of this country varies from 15-30 degree Celsius.


    Majority of Bhutanese are Buddhists i.e. the followers of Kagyu Drukpa.


    Chillies being the backbone of Bhutanese cuisine, each dish have got the rich flavours of spices.


    Tshechu meaning “tenth day” is the main festival of Bhutan.

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