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    Buddhist Circuit Tour India – Several religions of the world have their origins in India. Apart from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism were born here. Buddhism has transcended India’s boundaries and taken root in East, South and South East Asia. Gautama Buddha, born a prince in Lumbini set out towards India in search of the questions that troubled him about life and sufferings. His penance and meditation for years showed him the path to ‘nirvana’. After achieving enlightenment, he set about preaching and sermonizing on the middle path to salvation, till he left for his heavenly abode from Kushinagar.

    On this guided tour, let’s re-trace the steps of the Buddha from the place where he meditated, to where he attained enlightenment, to where he gave his first sermon, to where he donated his begging bowl before his death, and finally, to where he breathed his last.

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